1911 recoil spring plug

Not only is hitting the impact abutment an important part of the function, it has to hit hard enough to rebound and give the slide a jump start. The same can be said of the shock buffer, which dampens rebound.

InColt introduced the Commander Model. Most notably, the rails and impact abutment are machined. This regains a little of the lost slide travel, runup, and space available in the spring tunnel…which is very important because the available space was also reduced on the other end…when the spring is fully compressed by the slide.

Too many coils, and the spring stacks solid before the slide is stopped by the impact abutment…which transfers the shock to the barrel bushing through the spring plug…which breaks things in short order…sometimes including the slide. Colt had to do some slick engineering to get the Commanders to run. One of the things that they did was to wind the spring a little differently, which resulted in a slightly higher rate, allowing space in the tunnel with fewer coils.

Because of the reduced space with the slide in battery…it also resulted in a heavier preload of the slide than the GM had…which results in increased felt recoil. In fact, with the slightly heavier spring, it hits with less momentum and impact.

Because slide and bullet momentums are assumed to be equal. The lower mass is moving at a higher speed…but the momentums are the same. Momentum being a function of Mass X Velocity. The increased felt recoil in a Commander is the result of lower weight and higher spring rate.

Nor have I been able to find a Colt Government Model spring that tests at That it does do that is incidental. The answer is…yes and no. The solution is to cut the spring to Because of the decreased preload space and the tighter compression at full slide travel…the resulting spring load at full travel is right around One caveat. Be sure to check for coil bind before firing fox the five cast salaries gun. Specs can vary.

Trim a half coil and retest. This applies to Colt Commanders and faithful clones with 4. Like the ever-present shock buff…this seems to be marketing. People who are in the business of selling springs want to…well…sell springs. Remember that springs work in both directions.

A stronger spring means slower rearward, and faster forward. Faster forward…. That places more impact stress on the lower lug feet…the slidestop crosspin…and the holes in the frame that the pin mounts in. The impact abutments are designed to absorb impact. Slip the slidestop pin through the barrel link and swing it to the in-battery position and take note of the tiny area of the lug feet that bear on the pin.The M pistol was the U.

The pistol remains a quintessential American classic beloved by many and very customizable. One custom option is the full-length guide rod. Read on to discover what a guide rod is and why it might be a great upgrade for your We also have given you some high-quality options to aid you in your search. A guide rod is a component of a handgun found parallel to and underneath, the barrel. The guide rod sits inside the spring and prevents it from kinking.

Guide rods come in many shapes and sizes depending on a variety of factors. In an M the main varieties are standard GI and full-length. The material can vary as well. Steel is the most common, but plastic and tungsten guide rods also exist.

We wouldn't recommend plastic, but tungsten can add weight to your handgun, improving balance and muzzle rise. Different guide rod designs can change the performance and wear time of your handgun. As with so much in the firearms field, there is no ultimate M guide rod, style choice is mainly a matter of preference. Most seasoned gun fanatics agree that John Moses Browning was the greatest firearms designers to have ever lived. One of his most iconic creations is the M, which he designed with much input from the military, to include a GI guide rod.

Some will argue that John Moses' design choices are as sacred as the ten commandments and will abide no dissent. The short GI guide rod is easy to disassemble and allows you to rack the slide one-handed against whatever object is at hand.

It also lets you choose the end-cap design of your choice. Full-length guide rods can help to smoothen the operation of older, looser s. Some users argue that the added weight helps to reduce muzzle rise, aiding accuracy on follow-up shots. Others argue that it helps prevent spring damage and reduces rail wear.

Some full-length guide rod designs make your harder to disassemble. First, you must choose whether you want a classic GI guide rod or a full-length one. If you go with a full-length, you must then choose between a two-piece or a single piece design.

An M with a single-piece full-length guide rod is easier to disassemble than a two-piece model. As usual, it is best to go with a reputable manufacturer when choosing a guide rod. This will help ensure the best possible build quality, especially if it comes with a good warranty.Our replacement Colt Umarex Springs are truly an upgrade to the stock springs.

Clark 1911 Recoil Spring Plug

The ZRTS springs are more durable than the factory ones. As seen in the picture below comparing the factory and ZRTS springs, the ZRTS springs utilize a thicker wirewhich can help your pistol run smoother. These cure the issue of not returning to battery or sluggish cycling.

1911 recoil spring plug

Daniel verified owner — November 18, Verified review - view original. Benjamin S. I had to buy back a from a customer because it would not feed well and had failure to extract problems. I had sent the gun back to Walther for repair and it did the exact same thing when the customer got it back. The people a Walther said it was an ammo problem so I tried 8 different ammo brands and only two would work. I cut some coils off the recoil spring that came with the gun and the gun started to run better.

I got the ZRTS spring in and installed it. I took the gun to the range along with 8 different brands of ammo. The gun ran perfectly with everything I put in it.

I am very happy. I may keep the gun for myself because I shoot a Ruger SR in bullseye competition and this will allow me to work on fundamentals without breaking the bank.

Good job guys. Joel — February 1, Stock spring was too weak and caused intermittent internal binding on chassis. This spring has more heft to it, and seems to cycle all types of ammo flawlessly. Made the slide feel like it just ran better, and no more peeling of internals. A must have! Walter Mellott verified owner — February 9, Bought this recoil spring as a replacement for the OEM spring on my new Walther Absolutely Positively a better more robust spring.

Ordering was a snap, shipping and packaging good. I recommend this vendor for all future purchases. Jeffrey Applebee verified owner — March 2, Made to original specifications for rebuilding existing guns or assembling new guns built to factory Government or Commander configurations. Commander: Plug - Steel blue matte finish or Stainless steel, bead blasted silver finish.

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Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction. There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management. I am having trouble interpreting your post do you have a FS or CS pistol, sounds like you need to watch this IMHO, but worth watching, for the new owners, some may seem ing to some, I would say you need to get a new Recoil spring, can't tell you which one because you did not say what Cal you have.

Wolff gun springs Remove Advertisements. Apologies, probably should have included the following information. It is full size 5" barrel looks dead like original gi gov.

I already ordered new springs. However, I'm not entirely clear on which one I should install. Rock Islands website and the Manual that came with the gun have nothing on the hard specs of the gun. My Gramps, says the guns I grew up shooting had a I bought a Thanks for the Help thus far.

1911 recoil spring plug

Last edited by SirOrko; at PM. Dave Waits. Stick the 18 pound spring in, after you tear the gun down completely, clean all the shipping preservative off and lube it good. As soon as my package comes in its going to get a serious breakdown and another clean and lube.

All of the RIA 5''. When you get the new Recoil spring you will get a new FP spring also free put it in too. Exactly how much stiffer I cannot say until I rig up a spring tester but if I had to guess I'd say there's about a lb. FWIW the temporarily installed 18 lb. Wolff spring lowered my trigger pull from 5 lb. Half pound shouldn't make much difference with grain ammo.

Just expect a slightly shorter life round wise. Plenty of spring makers out there.Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Laser SightsRed Laser Sights yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Lasermax Laser Sights for Government 5" barrel Gun is the world's only totally internal laser sight. Laser Max sight aligns with barrel for maximum accuracy, fingertip activation on take-down lever.

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1911 Recoil Spring

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Please add " opticsplanet. Tap Tap to Zoom. Ask a Question About This Product. Customer Reviews. Excellent value for price Pros: Perfect for When it works, it's beautiful. But I'm about to send back my THIRD one of these, because after only 10 shots, something comes apart inside in the optics.

Went from a pinpoint of light visible at 20 yards to a smear of red light, visible only to about Read More I shoot less than 50 rounds and the laser started to distort. It started to look like a key hole. I called I explained that I had only sh Simple installation as advetised.

The cast replacement slide stop lever is not finely machined like the SA externals, but it works, is not really noticeable and the matte stainless finish blends well. The only external addition to the gun's prof Follow up to a previous post: I had three of these sights, all quit working right. Then LaserMax won't refund my money, only offer yet another exchange. Why would I want another one of these? Related Reviews. Compare 0. Remove All.Advertise Here.

1911 recoil spring plug

Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction. There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management. Jason D. I have always bought them from Brownells. Just make sure you get the right one for your set up.

Eisenhower June 6, Remove Advertisements. All kinds of options according to your taste. I have one of the Wilson kits I got in a trade just did not have a Spring plug for it. According to their website it will work with a standard recoil spring plug.

Originally Posted by jtq. I only use Colt and Cylinder and Slide plugs because they can be threaded onto the recoil spring like they're supposed to. Those would be my choice too, but the OP seems to have a full length guide rod. Ok just so we're all on the same page here.

If you want to use the Wilson Flat wire spring, you'll need a. If you are planning to use the Full Length Guide Rod, you'll need a plug with a hole in it. I should just need a plug for it correct? Originally Posted by Ffhounddog. Last edited by shane; at AM. Well I ordered 2 recoil plugs, a wilson flat wire kit, and a 6 set of recoil buffers.

I have two full sizes and after the coupon this set up should be okay.

1911 Recoil Spring Replacement. Kimber Pro Carry II with bull barrel

Mark XSE.