All the things you are piano solo pdf

All the Things You Are Jerome Kern is one of the most commonly played jazz standards and is often one of the first tunes called at a jazz jam session.

What most guitarists fail to realize is that the piece actually has a fairly intricate harmonic structure that can pose quite a few problems for the beginning improviser or comper. By understanding the relationship between each section of the tune, and the chords within those sections, you can develop a greater appreciation for the overall formation of the harmony, which will allow you to better navigate the changes in both a solo and chordal fashion.

Download now and learn chord shapes! The backing track is done with Band in a Boxa great piece of software that lets you create backing tracks on the fly. All the Things You Are can be divided into four sections, with the first two being sub-sections of one larger section:.

all the things you are piano solo pdf

In classical music, they would be called the exposition. The third section contains bars 17 to 24 and will be labeled B. In classical music, this section would be called the recapitulation. There are two key centers found within the first eight bars of the tune, Ab and C:.

Even though these chords are in two different keys, the fact that they are a half-step apart makes for a smooth modulation. The next eight bars have a similar key structure as the first eight, though this time the two keys being used are Eb and G:.

Thinking of the second eight bars as a transposed version of the first eight will allow you to develop motivic ideas over the first half of the tune. Anything you play over the first eight bars can be played over the second eight bars, just a fourth lower, or a fifth higher depending on how you want to think about it.

See the examples below for a sample of how this could be done. Notice how the fingering and the intervals are the same between the two linesthe second motive has just been moved up the neck to fit the new key center. The first five bars of this section repeat the same progression from bars of the A sectionbefore moving on to new material in bar After the descending section, the tune finishes with a in the tonic key of Ab.

Again, the last bar of this section contains a short in F minor, as we saw at the end of the bridge. This is used to turn the tune around to the first chord at the top of the form, Fm7. Being able to convincingly comp and solo through this section of the tune will not only help you with AATYAbut will give you a leg up on other tunes that contain this, or fragments of this, progression.

Knowing the Roman numerals will not only help you to understand the harmonic structure of AATYAit will also help to transpose this tune into other keys. It gives you an idea of how important certain progressions are in the jazz idiom, such as the chord progressionwhich occurs ten times during the thirty-six bars of ATTYA.

If you are having trouble remembering the Roman numerals to this, or any tune, try saying them out loud as you are practicing the piece. As well as playing the original chord changes to ATTYA, there are a couple of commonly used chord subs that you can learn and apply to both your comping and soloing phrases when jamming on this jazz standard. In this chord sub, which you can see and apply in bars 7 and 8 of the first A section, you will climb up the diatonic chordsCmaj7-Dm7-Em7, before moving down chromatically to the next chord in the tune, Cm7 in bar 9 of the tune.

The second chord subs appear at the end of the second A section, in bars 15 and Here, you will play a common turnaround that starts on the Imaj7 chord and then moves up to the iim7, then the iiim7 chords, before sliding down chromatically through the biiim7 chord to the iim7 chord at the start of the B section.

After you have looked them over, and listened to the audio example, try comping over ATTYA and inserting these changes into your playing in order to feel and hear how they sound in a musical situation. Since there are so many progressions in All The Things You Are, it might be a good idea to check out the licks in this lesson: Jazz Guitar Licks. In this first lick, Chet Baker plays an Abmaj7 arpeggio over Fm7, resulting in a minor 9 sound:.

When I teach this song to younger or less experienced players they usually have trouble navigating through barsthe descending chord section. Most of these players try and navigate through the changes using big, bulky two-octave scales and arpeggios which cause them to be late on the next chord, or not get there at all. In the first example, we have a motive built of the one-octave arpeggio for each chord.

In the second example I have kept the same rhythm but instead of using the 1 3 5 7 arpeggio, the line is based on the 3 5 7 9 arpeggio of each chord. This type of arpeggio comes in handy when playing with a bass player or another comping instrument, as the root is already being heard and therefore we do not have to reiterate it in our lines. When playing 3 to 9 arpeggios, you are using arpeggios you already know in a new situation, which you can see in the text below each bar of the melodic pattern.

Notice that he plays a b9 as a passing note over the Cm7and not the natural 9. Now that you have a better understanding of the harmonic layout of All the Things You Aretry and analyze other jazz standards in a similar fashion.Sign In. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key.

Cohen, Leonard. The Rainbow Connection. Kermit the Frog. Watermelon Sugar. Styles, Harry. A Whole New World. Only Us. Dear Evan Hansen. As Time Goes By. Can't Stop the Feeling! Timberlake, Justin.

all the things you are piano solo pdf

If I Ain't Got You. Keys, Alicia. Don't Give Up On Me. Grammer, Andy. Don't Start Now. Lipa, Dua. Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The Beatles. One Call Away. Puth, Charlie.

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From Amsterdam After Dark This transcription is of just the head, and includes George Coleman on tenor, Hilton Ruiz on piano, and Sam Jones on bass. The transcription contains only the piano and bass parts. From Thelonious in Action See below for Monk's solo from the same take. From We Free Kings ; contains Kirk's solos on both tenor and soprano saxes and both at the same time! From McNeely at Maybecka solo recital from McNeely goes through about 20 different keys in this 5-minute track.

All The Things You Are Piano Solo

Three tunes, all from Brad's first solo album, Elegiac Cycle This transcription is just the first chorus with the rhythm section. From the recording Criss-Cross orig. All parts included tenor sax notated in concert pitch, but in treble clef. A full transcription of Monk's solo introduction and the ensemble head only. One of my favorite solo Monk recordings, from Solo Monk Rhythm-a-ning Monk's solo, from Thelonious in Action This transcription includes all of the saxophone choruses, including the trading.

From my dissertation. All transcriptions are licensed under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd 3. Essentially, you are free to share the work as long as you attribute it to me, you do not sell the work, and you do not alter the work in any way.

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All The Things You Are sheet music for piano (transcription)

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Practical Piano exams consist of three pieces, scales and arpeggios, sight-reading, and aural tests. Even if you're not a massive Gilmour fan, learning about the technical no-nos presented here will help you avoid them like the plague in your future solos. A clearer way to explain this is that we approach the A7 with its related ii-7 chord to create an additional 25 progression.

Identify the note by pressing a piano key. Bach: Flute duet: Air on the G String. Welcome to the official website of Tom Petty.

all the things you are piano solo pdf

If anyone doesn't like my I still think, even for a simple piano sound it might lack "brilliance". Quick Details. Turns out pianists are united in the fact that we all engage in somewhat odd piano-related behaviors. Biography; Awards; Life; Music. This cool, simple piano song has a lively rhythm in the left hand with a fun melody in the right.

It can change pitch and speed instantly, and you can store and recall any number of named loops. Not every good pianist is a good sight-reader, though; the skills are quite separate from each other. Welcome to the Little Mix official website. He lived a life driven by an unquenchable need to make music. Erik Satie's solo piano music has always been a joy for me, and I like presumably many others have gone through collected, culled, discarded, etc. Bill Evans: Displacement.

This is a remarkably simple piece that is potentially among the most recognized pieces of all time, and remains one of the favorite piano pieces ever written.Sign In. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key.

Styles, Harry. Love Never Dies. Only Us. Dear Evan Hansen. Dancing on the Waves. We The Kingdom. The Scientist. Girl on Fire. Keys, Alicia. Le Festin. Landry, Kyle. Piano Solo. Where Is Love? So Am I. Max, Ava. Don't Give Up On Me. Grammer, Andy. I Believe I Can Fly. Kelly, R. Wonder, Stevie. Gravity Falls Main Title [easy]. Piano Tutorial Easy. Disney Princess Medley. Dog Days Are Over. Ten Minutes Ago. Sincerely, Me. Moon River. Bocelli, Andrea. Sweet Creature. Phillip Keveren.

Oscar Hammerstein II. Universal Music Publishing Group. Very Warm for May. Autumn Leaves Phillip Keveren.