How game of thrones got around the hodor hold the door

The episode was written by series co-creators David Benioff and D.

how game of thrones got around the hodor hold the door

Weissand directed by Jack Bender. It required between 9 and 10 hours to get the full body prosthetic ready for the Children of the Forest. Hodor's origin story was presented to the series co-creators by George R. In the United States, the episode achieved a viewership of 7. Sansa confronts Littlefinger about his decision to marry her to Ramsay. He explains that he was ignorant of Ramsay's cruelty and begs for forgiveness.

In exchange, he offer her the support of the Vale in her attempt to retake Winterfell from the Boltons, but Sansa declines. Littlefinger reveals that her great-uncle, the Blackfishhas retaken Riverrun with the Tully army; after he leaves, Sansa orders Brienne to go and recruit the Blackfish for their cause. Jorah reveals his greyscale to Daenerys. He admits his love for her, and Daenerys orders him to find a cure and return to her so he can be by her side when she conquers Westeros.

Their uncle Euron arrives to stake his own claim. Yara accuses him of killing their father; to her surprise, Euron freely admits to it, declaring that Balon was leading the Ironborn to ruin. He promises to conquer Westeros by marrying Daenerys and offering her the Iron Fleet. He is subsequently chosen as King. Theon and Yara, realizing Euron will have them put to death, flee with the best ships of the Iron Fleet. Undaunted, Euron orders the Ironborn to begin construction of a new, better fleet.

Jaqen offers Arya the assignment of killing an actress named Lady Crane, who is playing Cersei in a play recounting the War of the Five Kings. While observing the play, Arya is noticeably distressed by the play's portrayal of Eddard Stark as a bumbling oaf.

Tyrion and Varys note that a tentative peace has fallen over Meereen since they forged their pact with the Masters.

To preserve this, Tyrion summons the red priestess Kinvara, who agrees to preach to the people that Daenerys is the chosen one of the Lord of Light. She also claims to know what originally happened to Varys and why, unnerving the eunuch.

Bran and the Three-eyed Raven observe a vision of the Children of the Forest creating the Night King by impaling one of the First Men with a dragonglass dagger. Bran subsequently confronts Leaf about creating the White Walkers.

She explains that they were at war with the First Men and had no choice. Later, Bran decides to observe a vision without the Three-Eyed Raven. He witnesses a massive army of wights led by the Night Kingwho touches him whilst in the vision.

‘Game of Thrones': What Exactly Happened With Hodor and That Time Loop?

Bran awakens to find a mark where he was touched, and the Three-Eyed Raven warns that he must leave, as the Night King is now able to find them and enter into the cave. The Three-Eyed Raven begins transferring knowledge to Bran as the army of wights arrives. While in a vision of Winterfell, Bran hears the cries of Meera, who is trying to save Bran's body while the Children hold back the wights.

The Three-Eyed Raven advises Bran to listen to her, and Bran splits his consciousness by remaining in the vision of the past while simultaneously controlling Hodor in the present.This week, Entertainment Weekly rounded up a series of stills collated by Imgur user HoopyDooDooMeister nice showing the solutions to the problem. The Imgur post proved very popular, but the OP admitted to having sourced a lot of the translations from Open Subtitles. If you happened to see the episode in a foreign language country, do please let us know how it was handled in the official broadcast below.

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how game of thrones got around the hodor hold the door

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Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Matthew Norman.The actor said the pay gap was a 'tricky' subject but explained why Harington's wage was justified. Sophie Turner has addressed the pay gap between herself and fellow Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington. Both have appeared in all eight seasons of the show. Speaking to Harper's BazaarTurner said the gap was a "tricky" subject. This was shocking but not because it was violent. It's after offering the slaves of Meeren a chance of freedom that Daenerys first reveals her deadly side: "I am not your enemy.

Your enemy is beside you. I do not bring you commands. I bring you a choice. And I bring your enemies what they deserve. Not that Breastfeeding should ever be a taboo subject on TV, but when the feeding child is 10 years old, well, there's obviously going to be some kind of uproar. Watching people being tortured is a pretty common occurrence in Game of Thrones. Rather than just letting the rodents sit there, a torturer proceeded to heat up the bucket, leading to the rats having to eat their way through the man to escape.

Although it feels like a long time ago, there was a time when Theon took control of Winterfell. During his governorship, Theon not only had two children killed believing them to be the Starksbut beheaded Ser Rodrick Cassel himself. Unfortunately, the Greyjoy managed to botch the job, having to take four swings at Cassel until eventually just kicking off the head.

Game of Thrones S8 Official Soundtrack - The Night King - Ramin Djawadi - WaterTower

Joffrey was a great villain, the writers doing an excellent job of making sure everyone who watched the show despised the child king. One of the most violent moments featuring the Lannister came during season three, when he decided to use the prostitute Ros as a living target.

A brutal, if overdue, moment occurred in the season seven finale with Arya slitting the throat of Littlefinger, a character who has been playing his own game of thrones since the very first season. Having his life ended by the youngest daughter of Lady Catelyn Stark, the woman he loved, was likely not the way Lord Baelish expected to go.

To then witness Jaime rape his sister Cersei, as they argue next to their child, was utterly mortifying. While Theon may have been a smug arse, watching the Greyjoy being tortured for almost an entire season was not pleasant. Theon quickly became a shell of his former self and Ramsay renamed him Reek. In the dramatic season six finale, Cersei's deadly plan is put into motion, which minutes leads to the fiery death of Margaery Tyrell. Cut to King Tommen who, after learning of his wife's death, sets his crown down and calmly jumps out of the nearest window.

Most fans may have seen this twist coming from a mile off, but those who didn't would have been left stunned after the Night King turned one of Daenerys's dragons into one of his own. As the deceased Viserion's eye opens, the future of Westeros looks a lot more uncertain. The smarmy Jaime Lannister AKA The Kingslayer was dealt an unexpected blow early into season three after his identity was discovered by a group of sell-swords.

Their reaction? To cut off his hand. This moment marked a huge development in Jaime's character evolution. Fans knew a battle between Ramsay and Jon, two bastards, was coming. Exactly how things would go down, though, no one was quite ready for.The lovable, loyal protector and real life DJ!

He is—besides possibly Pod—the only character in this show that has done absolutely nothing shitty. During one of his many warg-ing trips to the past, the White Walkers attack the tree. Now, we might need some sort of infographic to really explain this right, but here's basically what happened:. Bran's presence in the past somehow connected past Hodor to future Hodor. In the future, Hodor is being told to "hold the door" to give Bran a chance to escape the undead army.

Young Hodor, connected to future Hodor through Bran's presence in the past, starts having some sort of fit and hears Meera Reed yelling at him to "hold the door. This totally fucks up Hodor's mind, and "Hold the door.

Hold the door. Hold the door" becomes "Hodor. His entire life was completely ruined by Bran's presence in the past so he could sacrifice his life in the future. What a totally devastating existence. It's at once a brilliant, confusing, and seriously depressing character—one that George R. Martin must have been planning from the beginning. While it has regularly left clues to where the finale of the series is heading, Bran's flashbacks have shown how it all began.

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Now What? The Power of the Matching Set. Related Story. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. This commenting section is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. You may be able to find more information on their web site. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Hodororiginally named Wylis[1] was a simpleminded servant of House Stark at Winterfell working in the stables.

It is derived from the phrase "hold the door", the words that Hodor heard during the seizure that mentally disabled him as a result of the future Bran Stark accidentally warging into his young self during a vision.

Hodor is incredibly large and strong. While he is slow of wits, he is gentle and loyal to the Starks. He holds Bran while Tyrion offers to give him the plans for a new kind of saddle that he can ride even in his crippled state. Hodor is seen by Oshawho tells Bran that she thinks he must have giants ' blood in him. Bran reminds Hodor to get dressed. Bran has Hodor carry him out to the godswood; Osha accompanies them and finds a plant that can be used to make a pain relieving tea.

She asks Bran if he has had more strange dreams and he claims that he does not dream at all. He changes the subject to the comet, saying that he has heard men say it is an omen favoring Robb in the war. Hodor kneels by the pool and Osha helps Bran to the ground by its edge, affectionately stroking his hair. She tells him that stars do not fall for men and that a red comet signifies dragons.

Bran stares at his reflection in the water and asserts that dragons are extinct. Bran continues to have wolf dreams. During one, he follows Hodor and again sees the world from Summer's point of view. Summer follows Hodor as he comes to wake Bran up. Bran looking through Summer's eyes jumps up on the bed, and Bran finds himself looking down at his own face. After Ser Rodrik leads the garrison to relieve the siege of Torrhen's Square by an unknown enemy, it is revealed that the attack was a feint orchestrated by Theon Greyjoy who uses the opportunity to seize Winterfell.

Later, Osha kills a guard, then leads Hodor, Bran, and Rickon out the gate, freeing them from the clutches of the ironborn. Theon hunts for them with hounds, tracking them to the farm and then losing the scent. He returns to Winterfell with the charred corpses of two boys, claiming that they are Bran and Rickon.

how game of thrones got around the hodor hold the door

He makes no mention of Hodor and Osha. When Maester Luwin sees Osha taking bread down into the crypts, he looks at the bodies and realizes that they are not Bran and Rickon. Later in the crypts, Osha tells him that after they escaped, they doubled back through a stream to mislead the hounds, and have been hiding in the crypts beneath Winterfell ever since. Realizing the bodies were orphans working at the farm and that Theon killed them so no one would know that Bran and Rickon had escaped him, they determine not to tell Bran as he would blame himself.

However, Bran, sitting next to a sleeping Hodor and Rickon, has heard them. When the escapees finally emerge from the crypts, Winterfell has been burned and Maester Luwin is badly wounded in the Godswood. He tells them that the children must be taken to the Wall to Jon Snow who will protect them from the invading ironmen and get word to Catelyn and Robb.

Later, Hodor is pushing Bran in a wheelbarrow, while Osha carries Rickon, as they head away from Winterfell. Bran continues to dream about chasing the Three-Eyed Raven. In his dreams, he also encounters a strange boy, who he later meets while awake. The boy turns out to be Jojen Reedaccompanied by his sister, Meera.

Jojen possesses the rare gift of seeing the past and present through his dreams, and is able to speak with Bran through their dreams. Jojen tells Bran that he is a wargsomeone who can control the minds of animals. After seeking shelter in a derelict windmill during a rainstorm, the group notice a band of wildlings chasing down an old man.Have no fear.

What Does "Hold The Door" Mean On ‘Game Of Thrones’? Hodor’s Backstory Is Revealed

Also present is a young Wyllis, who we know better as Hodor. This mass of bad guys manages to get into the cave, while Bran and the Raven are still having their time-travel dream. He multitasks it. So Hodor, controlled by Bran, escapes from the cave with Bran and Meera, but the tide of undead requires that Hodor personally bar the door to the cave while Meera drags Bran away.

The young Hodor hears it. Bran actually caused it, unwittingly. He also set Hodor on his lifelong path to that moment in the present, where he died saving Bran and Meera. This is always how Hodor became Hodor. Some fans have already made guesses as what form some of those shenanigans might take. The idea here is that the Mad King Aerys raped Joanna Lannister in the books it's said that he had a thing for her and that's where Tyrion came from.

So Tywin's total hatred for the dude has deeper motivations than just that Joanna died giving birth to him or that he's a dwarf. The idea here is that since Jon's parents are actually Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen -- meaning Ned Stark is NOT his father -- Jon and Sansa are cousins instead of siblings and nobody would think it's weird if they got together to solidify their hold on the North.

Or maybe even to lay claim on all of Westeros. The standard story of Robert's Rebellion says that events were set in motion when Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped Lyanna Stark. We know also that Jon Snow is Rhaegar and Lyanna's kid, and there's reason to believe the kidnapping was not actually a kidnapping. But what if also Rhaegar was actually married to Lyanna? In fact, this one was confirmed in the Season 7 episode "Eastwatch," when Gilly discovered the files of High Septon Maynard, who served under the Mad King.

He noted that he annulled Rhaegar's marriage, and then married him to someone else. As fans expected, that sounds like Rhaegar's marriage to Elia Martell was annulled, and he was married to Lyanna -- which would make Jon Snow Rhaegar's trueborn son and heir. So "Game of Thrones" may yet pull another "Game of Thrones" on us in that regard by proving this theory wrong. This one involves the assumption that some words were translated wrong in the prophecy of the one who would save the world from the White Walkers -- according to the intrepid fan who came up with this theorythe Valyrian words for "lord" and "light" are curiously similar to the words for "gold" and "hand.

None other than Ser Jaime. We're learning a lot about the rules of the White Walkers in Season 7, but one fan theory posits the Night King was actually created much later, as a means of stopping them.

Instead of being the first White Walker, the Night King is actually "the last hero," the guy credited with leading the charge to stop the Walkers thousands of years ago during the Long Night. Given that some think the last hero is the Westerosi version of the Azor Ahai myth, this idea would add some twists to the Night King as a character. There's an argument to be made that it's Davos Seaworth who's actually Azor Azhai.We went from the happiest episode of Game of Thrones ever last week, to easily one of the saddest.

She rightly rips him for selling her to a sadist. Littlefinger is smart enough to not argue. He looks uncharacteristically shamefaced and uncertain. You think? This means she could be able to wrangle a Tully army in her fight against the Boltons. And Littlefinger says his Knights of the Vale will be there for her too, not that she wants his help. Actually, two bits. So he plants that tiny seed on the way out the door.

Braavos: Arya and the Waif are practicing staff fighting. She could inflict some serious damage against Georgia-based zombies with those skills.

Her task should be exceedingly simple: Kill an actress named Lady Crane. But no — the troupe is putting on the stage version of Game of Thrones. The actors tell the story of the rise and fall of King Joffrey. We feel play-within-a-play meta dizziness as we realize Arya is tasked with killing off an actor playing a part in a warped mirror version of Game of Thrones within Game of Thrones.

At one point she watches from the crowd as fake-Ned gets beheaded, just like he did in the first season. Except now Joffrey is sympathetic, Cersei is caring, Ned is ambitious, and Tyrion is sinister. That would add yet another meta level to this whole endeavor and I suddenly have to hit pause, take a few deep breaths — and this is all before Game of Thrones abruptly turns into a time-travel show.

Then suddenly given a random backstage shot of male full frontal nudity, and now this really feels like some reverse version of Thrones. Near Pyke: The Iron Born gather to elect a new king. First of all, that these guys even have an election is surprisingly democratic for Westeros — especially since the Iron Islands folk never seemed particularly progressive.

Haircut, armor, the man looks like Theon again. The lords appear to on the verge of electing their first female leader. I guess we should all be grateful our political system would never support a candidate who uses a election debate to bully his opponents and brag about his junk.

Euron says his plan is to take his ships to Meereen and lure Dany to his side. We would like to see him try that. Euron sways the voters and is elected king. He then has to participate in a baptism-like ceremony to honor the Iron Islands god, the Drowned God.

I wonder: If surviving being drowned was required to win our presidency, would that make our candidates better or worse? It would certainly make the swearing-in ceremony more compelling.

Yara and Theon know they need to make a run for it, so while Euron is getting dunked they run and steal his precious fleet. Their fears prove correct as the first thing Euron wants to know upon being revived is where they are so he can kill them.

Once he realizes they escaped, he orders men to start building ships to go after them. So basically the slowest chase scene ever has just begun. Well, mainly Dany and Ser Jorah, as Daario just stands there slightly uncomfortable.

Jorah decides to reveal his greyscale to Dany, who outright weeps at his condition. Our hearts melt at that. She commands him to go hunt for a cure to his advancing disease. And as usual, Dany is doing exactly the right thing.