Lightest road crankset in the world

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lightest road crankset in the world

Results 1 to 14 of Thread: lightest road crankset in the world. Maybe for the non-drive crankarm alone Yeah, let's see that on a scale. Retro Grouch. It might weigh that much on the moon. Originally Posted by Retro Grouch. Made me laugh at least.

Originally Posted earth smp map RoadBikeVirgin. Attached Images weight BB.

Originally Posted by greybicycle. Long way off from the lightest. My THM bottom bracket, rings and arms came in at grams for standard sized rings. My VumaQuads complete weighed in at grams, standard size rings too. For my next trick I will now set myself on fire! Originally Posted by Juanmoretime.

And the crank arms are series Al.First of all, the chainset needs to be stiff. But this is for a couple reasons, rather than just power transmission. Sure, you want your cranks to transfer energy put through the pedals as efficiently as possible, but the other reason is just practical: shifting.

If the chainrings are wobbling about due to crankset flex or chainring flexthen front shifting will be poor, no matter how many hours your spend tinkering with the derailleur.

Six of the best… crankset upgrades

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lightest road crankset in the world

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lightest road crankset in the world

If there does not appear a WW discount position when you check out you do not have enough postings! Weight Weenies Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Forum rules. Post by kevinkalis on Tue Aug 03, pm Hi all, I'm currently starting a new bike build and have acquired a few of the components but I'm slightly stuck on crankset choice.

My main concerns are weight obviouslystiffness, reliability and looks.By Jack Luke. A road bike groupset is the collection of components that make you stop and go β€” in other words, the drivetrain, shifters and brakes. Plenty of companies make bike components, but the market in is dominated by three giants: ShimanoSRAM and Campagnolo.

Despite the differences between the brands, the components all do the same job, even if there are some subtle variations in how they approach their specific tasks.

6 of the lightest road bikes β€” take a look at these absolutely featherweight rides

Shimano is the oldest and most widely used of the three main brands. It began life in Japan in when Shozaburo Shimano decided to start making freewheels in a rented corner of a demolished celluloid factory. The Shimano component range starts with the budget-priced Clariswhich is usually found on the most affordable bikes available.

Claris is an 8-speed system eight gears at the rear combined with either a double or triple crankset two or three gears at the front. SinceTiagra has included its own hydraulic disc brakes with levers that resemble those of These replaced the lumpy non-series RS option. This speed group is considered by many riders to be the best combination of performance, durability and value. The launch of the latest R groupset brought matching hydraulic levers and disc brakes.

Previously, the unlovely RS levers were considered equivalent. This speed group has many of the same design features as the range topping Dura-Ace and offers all the performance most riders will ever need, but is slightly heavier than Dura-Ace. Like Dura-Ace, Ultegra includes both Di2 electronic shifting and hydraulic disc options in addition to traditional mechanical shifting and rim brakes.

It offers speed gearing and combines top-end design with lightweight materials, such as high-grade alloys, carbon fibre and titanium. It is available in rim brake, disc brake, mechanical shifting and Di2 electronic shifting configurations. There is also an optional power meter, the RP. In MayShimano announced a range of components under the name GRX aimed at gravel, adventure and bikepacking.

The naming scheme looks like this:. US brand SRAM came to the fore during the mountain biking boom of the late eighties and established itself off the back of its lightweight GripShift shifters. All of its road groupsets now include a hydraulic disc brake option. WiFli offers a wide gear range β€” between 11 and 32 teeth β€” for the rear cassette certain SRAM road derailleurs will go as high as a 36t big cog.

That allows SRAM to offer the wide range of gears usually found by using a triple front chainring setup without the extra weight and complexity of a triple. Once a unique selling point for SRAM, other manufacturers are now offering similar setups. That is to say, just one chainring at the front and 11 gears at the rear.

An Apex 1 rear derailleur can accommodate a cassette with a large tooth cog. Rival is by far the most popular SRAM drivetrain on road bikes and is speed.We test 13 of the latest cranksets to find the best β€” and best value β€” models. By Guy Kesteven. Cranks are the crucial levers that turn pedal pressure into propulsion and upgrading this transmission keystone is always a cosmetic and performance temptation.

lightest road crankset in the world

But what do you need to know to arm yourself with the right crankset β€” cranks, axle, spider and chainrings β€” for your bike and riding? Before you even start thinking about budget or clever design, you need to check which ones will fit your bike. Even on same diameter axles, different details mean that different brands often need their own specific bearings to work. Related: Comparative crankset stiffness data released by Fairwheel Bikes.

Overall stiffness is governed by the entire structure, from the chainrings, through the spider and crank then across the axle to the offside crank.

Praxis Works has developed an excellent reputation for its converter bottom brackets and durable, slick-shifting cold forged rings. Ultegra delivers incredible shifting, solid stiffness and great overall value β€” though spares will cost you. The downside is that the cost of replacement rings is high. The broad carbon cranks and spider are moulded together, with the crank forming the fifth connection point for the deeply webbed X Glide R chainrings.

The four-arm spider and seamlessly synching 3D formed rings are asymmetric to support the rings in their highest load phase.

A composite web bonded onto the back of the big ring creates an impressively solid feeling crank. The fat carbon cranks use a hollow construction and the deep arms of the spider sync with Shimano style 3D machined chainring arms. Add the 30mm spindle and the result is an impressive stiffness to weight ratio. We found shifting could be occasionally be hesitant though. The 3D chainring arms synching into the spider, introduced with last generation series Dura-Ace, has been refined with an asymmetric mm BCD spider design using four broader arms.

The polished face arms are cosmetically very durable. Replacement rings are tear-inducingly expensive, though the number of aftermarket options are increasing. While the cranks are stiff under high pressure pedalling, the 24mm axle means overall stiffness is adequate rather than amazing.

The ribbed alloy cranks with triple internal drilled channels look old school but feel rock solid. That feeling is bolstered by the 30mm axle and Rotor has developed an external bottom bracket design that makes the crankset compatible with threaded frames and completes its universal compatibility.

But the heavily machined chainrings are stiff and durable, weight is good and splined fit is secure if tightened aggressively from new. Rival uses similar deep machine sculpted X Glide R chainrings as Force for easy shifting function, and the similar scooped-back, removable spider means stiffness is decent, with reasonable if not dramatically rigid power transfer.

The solid forged, hollow backed cranks are significantly heavier than its obvious competitor, Shimanoand the BB30 version is even weightier. This makes the light, tight but still relatively affordable SRAM Red 22 crankset our real world race winner. The solid, slick-shifting Shimano also shames a lot of cranksets double or even quadruple the price, to crank out a decisive victory for value.

Home Features Best road bike cranksets. Best road bike cranksets We test 13 of the latest cranksets to find the best β€” and best value β€” models. June 14, at pm. Shimano is a supremely trusty groupset, and the top-value cranks fit in perfectly: shimano is a supremely trusty groupset, and the top-value cranks fit in perfectly. Guy Kesteven. Daily Deals.Here are six that barely trouble the scales.

The frame is said to weigh just g. Trek says that the Emonda boasts the most sophisticated tube optimisation of any bike ever, with both the tube shape and the laminate being designed to produce the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio possible.

Read more: Your guide to Trek's road bike range.

Is This the Lightest Road Bike Ever Built?

You build this:. The use of carbon has allowed the weight of the complete bike to tip the scales at a low 5. This build, from a few years ago now, used Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 shifting. The attention to detail is what's stunning about this bike, as shown by the head tube area, above, which features the top and down tubes welded to a steel super-lug that encloses a carbon fibre tube.

Back in Merida unexpectedly grabbed some ultralight bragging rights with the Scultura Superlite Ltd, at just 4.

How did Merida make the Scultura so light? The wall thicknesses are as low as 0. Merida said the layup process was so complicated that it takes somewhere from 11 to 15 hours to produce each frame. Read our review of the Merida Scultura The German direct-selling specialist showed this featherweight special at trade shows, and has now made a slightly heavier version available to purchasers with deep pockets. At a claimed 5. To achieve that low weight, Canyon says that it has lightened the stock Ultimate frame by using ultra high modulus carbon-fibre in the construction, and integrated a carbon fibre front mech hanger to save a few more grams.

That work has produced a g frame and a g fork. The Lightweight wheels and Continental tyres are clinchers; the show bike probably used tubulars to save a few more grams. It weighs a claimed 7. The bike uses coated CeramicSpeed bearings. Like the frame, these are handmade in Germany.

That show bike was, as they often are, an exercise in just how light you can make a road bike by throwing money at it. This incarnation weighs 4. The Izalco Max Disc is built around a g frame β€” just 10g heavier than Focus claims for the regular Izalco Max β€” and a g fork. Focus showed us a frame decked out with a SRAM Red groupset and finished with some high-end carbon fibre components from the likes of Tune and Schmolke.

That bike tipped the scales at just 6kg Mat has been road. We send him off around the world to get all the news from launches and shows too. He has won his category in Ironman UK Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer. Now pushing 50, he's riding road and gravel bikes most days for fun and fitness rather than training for competitions.

The road in winton, well at the start of it the path is split into two sides, with one for U turns only? Reg no, make Audi? Chances are your man is pretty practised at this sort Sounds like Liam wasn't around in the eighties, the era of fluo cycling kits.Weighing just 6 pounds, find out how this bike got turned into a lean, mean climbing machine.

The World's Lightest Road Bike in all its glory. Buliding a light bike can be fun but also very expensive. There are, however, weight weenies out there whose sole aim is to build the lightest bike possible. The lightest road bike ever built is a custom-made concoction that was originally the creation of one person, Gunter Mai. This same bike has since been rebuilt to be even lighter by Fairwheel Bikes, a bike shop in Tucson, Arizona.

We take a look at the story of this bike and how it came to be. The 6.

How To Make Your Shimano 105 Cranks LIGHTER Than Dura Ace!

This no-name rocket ship was originally built in and weighed just over 6. Gunter eventually got the weight down to 6. It just so happened that the majority of the bike, including the original custom-built frame, was sold on to someone who worked at Fairwheel Bikesa bike shop that has a big reputation in the weenie bike world for making light custom bikes and building one-off projects.

Before Gunter's bike came along, Fairwheel had held the previous record for the world's lightest bike with their M2Racer Light Bike. Losing even more weight. After nearly a year sourcing missing and new parts, Fairwheel's build, featuring Gunter's original Spin frame, came in at 5. Finished off with minimalist black decals, their aim was to produce a bike that could be used as a working hill-climb racer.

Fairwheel Bikes's Jason Woznick. Frame and fork. The carbon frame, taken from Gunter's original bike, is from German company Spin and was built by Marc Siebert, tipping the scales at an incredible Like the frame, the original custom handmade fork was retained. Built by German company THM it weighs in at 6. The cockpit. The handlebar, stem, brake levers, brake housing, and bar tape total 9.

The carbon handlebars were made by Schmolke on a NoRa stem, while the brake levers were built from what used to be Campagnolo Ergo shifters.

Schmolke also provided the seatpost, which is paired with a Tune Speedneedle saddle. The gear shifters are old-style down tube efforts lighter but are made from carbon fibre by BTP. Always a classy look. Fairwheel Lightest World Bike side on profile. This is where Fairwheel were able to make the biggest weight savings on Gunter's bike. Originally featuring Lew wheels that weighed in at 1. This total wheelset came in at 1.

Gunter's previous brakes weighed 2. The drivetrain. The weight on the prototype was 9. Other changes in the drivetrain saw a full ceramic bottom bracket used and new carbon fiber chairings made by Fibre-Lyte added. The chain was switched to a titanium chain made by Taiwanese company YBN. Pedals were switched to a custom-made pair by Aerolitesimilar to those Gunter had on the bike, but lighter.

The future.