Oregon drug bust 2019

Meth Bust Douglas Co., June 12

Williams said federal search warrants were executed Wednesday at 13 locations throughout the metro area. Twenty people were arrested on charges stemming from the investigation, according to Williams. Ten other suspects were already in custody. Williams said a total of 51 guns have been seized since the start of the investigation. The two men accused of starting and leading the drug organization are still in Mexico.

oregon drug bust 2019

Williams said local law enforcement is working with international partners to bring additional suspects to justice. The drug network is accused of using the Gonzalez Bros storefront to launder drug money. The Gresham Police Department had been investigating the organization for months, according to Williams. Gresham Police Chief Robin Sells said the case started after confidential informants came forward with information.

Watch the full press conference. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagramand sign up for our email newsletters. Skip to content. Two men are accused of running the drug trafficking organization since November of Drugs and cash seized in a massive drug trafficking bust in the Portland area, Oct. Firearms seized during a massive drug bust in the Portland area, Oct. The Gonzalez Bros. Mexican market in the block of Southeast Powell Boulevard in Portland.

Follow KOIN 6 for the latest news and weather. More Don't Miss.The focus in this week's bust was on places reported as drug houses. AP -- Authorities have arrested more the five dozen suspects in an aim to take down drug trafficking organizations in northeast Oregon. Pendleton police Chief Stuart Roberts, head of local anti-drug team's board, told the East Oregonian the goal was to dismantle drug dealing operations in Umatilla, Morrow, Union, and Gilliam counties.

oregon drug bust 2019

Roberts reported the investigation used undercover drug purchases that resulted in the arrests of 65 suspects Wednesday. Dozens arrested in Oregon drug investigation. Posted: Jan 17, PM. Related Content Dozens arrested in Oregon drug investigation Dozens of kids attend clinic promoting fitness and drug prevention Lightning sparks dozens of small fires in Oregon Oregon State Police spokesman under criminal investigation Umatilla sheriff investigating Eastern Oregon cattle deaths State Police investigate Oregon Humane Society officers Investigation finds 'hostile workplace' at Oregon Capitol Investigation continues into killing of Oregon family Police investigating homicide outside Oregon pub.

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Person with access to Eugene long-term care facility tests positive; 38 cases in county. OHA: Coronavirus claims 3 more lives, 76 new cases. Police kick homeless campers out of Eugene park.

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Yippee another good day in America! They were some low key guys and would have never got caught if it wasn't for that snitch. Americans dont f around theyll put you in prison so long youd take your own life. A month? A week? On this single load?Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

US Attorney For Oregon Announces Massive Drug Bust

Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Oregon Crime News. Home Drugs. Drugs Springfield man arrested on drug delivery charges after chatting with officer about Taser. Drugs Felon arrested in Downtown Eugene on weapon and heroin charges. Drugs Clackamas County Task Force arrests man with 20 kilos of meth, 4 kilos of heroin. Three people were arrested Tuesday after authorities executed a search warrant on a butane hash oil BHO lab in Independence, according to a release from the Polk County Sheriff's Read more.

La Pine traffic stop leads to seizure of over 5 pounds of cocaine Drugs oregoncrimenews - July 21, 0. A year-old Washington man was arrested Thursday during a traffic stop near La Pine after a search led to the discovery of 5. Early morning Sutherlin traffic stop leads to arrest of man on heroin, meth possession Drugs oregoncrimenews - July 14, 0. A year-old man was arrested on drug possession and other charges Friday morning, according to a release from the Sutherlin Police Department.

At about a. Federal judge sentences Eugene drug dealer to 10 years in prison Drugs oregoncrimenews - June 30, 0.On Dec. The driver, later identified as Andrew Garrigan, and his passenger, Jacob Runion, both from Texas, consented to a search of the vehicle. The trooper turned up quite a haulpolice said. Both men were arrested on suspicion charges ranging from money laundering to possession of a controlled substance to conspiracy.

But even though the bust netted nearly half a million in cash, the seizure was far from the biggest in Oregon history.

Raul Villanueva-Sosa, 32, and Jose Nataren, 32, were arrested on suspicion of possession and distribution of a controlled substance. A state trooper stopped a car near milepost 35 on northbound Interstate 5 for a traffic violation. After consenting to a search, a drug-sniffing dog found 28 pounds of meth in a cardboard box in the trunk. The driver, Raymundo Cota Sauceda, was arrested on suspicion of possession, delivery and manufacturing of a controlled substance. In SeptemberPortland Police netted the largest drug bust in the bureau's history.

After receiving information that a large amount of drugs would be arriving in Portland, officials obtained search warrants for the three properties.

In what they said was their largest bust in history, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office seized roughly pounds of meth earlier this year from homes in Portland and Gresham. Officials said the stash likely would have equaled about 50, doses. Given the quantity, investigators suspected the methamphetamine came from a larger source, possibly connected to cartels in Mexico where it would have been manufactured in liquid form, and then converted to crystal in the Gresham apartment.

Authorities pulled over a minivan on Highway 97 south of Biggs Junction near the Washington border because the vehicle was missing a front license plate. When one of the two men in the van — identified as Alberto Alejandro Martinez, 32, and Jose Joel Helguera Del Rio, 31 — opened the glove box, the officer saw a handgun and ordered both men from the vehicle for a search. A further search turned up a black duffel bag with 13 packages containing about 25 pounds of cocaine on the third row seat of the minivan and 40 packages with 44 pounds of meth hidden in the floorboard in a big plastic bag.

Both men were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and possession of a firearm.

Tip leads to drugs and cash bust in Portland

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Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Skip to Main Content. Mobile iPhone, Android apps Tablet apps. More on OregonLive.With every turn of this story, we attempt to bring you the news and information you need to stay safe. As a small, independent news organization, we face new challenges. Before you keep reading, we ask you to join our membership program, Friends of Willamette Weekwhich helps support our journalism. Oregon's legal cannabis market is producing bumper harvests and robust tax revenues.

But none of that money is going to regulate the weed industry. An audit showed lawmakers have underfunded regulation. Meanwhile, a new analysis confirmed that the massive oversupply first reported by WW "Too Much Weed," April 18, will continue unabated. And a recent drug bust in Idaho showed the leakiness of Oregon's cannabis market.

oregon drug bust 2019

In the mind of one of the state's leading drug policy veterans, the current system for regulating cannabis was almost designed to fail.

It's just kind of irresponsible. Bovett says political choices made by the framers of Measure 91, which legalized recreational weed inthreaten to undermine the integrity of the system.

Specifically, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which is charged with licensing and regulating the industry from seed to sale, can only afford regular inspections of a small fraction of its nearly 2, license holders. Oregon's decision—different from other states—to allow an unlimited number of growers, processors and retailers means they've engaged in unfettered competition, driving cannabis supply through the roof and prices through the floor—down more than 50 percent since late Related: Oregon grew more cannabis than customers can smoke.

Now shops and farmers are left with mountains of unwanted bud. He says prices could again fall by half. Oregon policymakers chose to allow the market to be flooded with cheap, legal weed in part to suppress the illicit market.

Weed tax money goes into six different buckets, including mental health and addiction services and the State Police. By far the biggest chunk of weed tax money, 40 percent, goes to fund schools. But not a penny went to the OLCC for regulation. The agency funds its cannabis efforts through license fees, which are much lower here than in some other states that have legal weed.

The stress of oversupply on the market is also beginning to show at the state border. On Jan. The police said the shipment was cannabis. Big Sky Scientific, the Colorado-based owner of the shipment, sued Idaho authorities, claiming the material in question was industrial hemp.Oregon regulators enacted a six month ban on the sale of flavored vape products in stores and online statewide Friday.

State and federal officials discovered and shut down an illegal marijuana processing operation in rural Lane County, regulators said Thursday. Oregon State Police searched a makeshift outdoor operation last week near Dexter, where they found about pounds of marijuana extracts, two oil extraction machines and 10 guns. They also found items related to manufacturing and selling counterfeit vape cartridges, according to the agency that regulates marijuana, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

The bust began with a proactive inspection of the site, which had been registered as a medical marijuana grow site. The facility was not licensed to process cannabis, the agency said in its statement. The U. An Oregon State Police spokesman said the agency will forward charges of unlawful possession of marijuana, unlawful delivery of a marijuana item and unlawful manufacture of a marijuana item forward to the county prosecutor. There were two suspects at the property, state police said. The bust comes months after a vaping-related lung illness epidemic has struck nearly 1, people in the country, 14 of them in Oregon.

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oregon drug bust 2019

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